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Volunteers wanted for Falkirk Orators Club Competition
by Leeste
01 Mar 15, 20:43

Judges needed - Area 47 Contest 19Mar @ LBS (near Baker St)
by chrisbl
01 Mar 15, 12:32

Any Club or Area Seeking a Mystery Speaker
by DavidMa
28 Feb 15, 20:58

Judges urgently wanted for Canary Wharf Club - 10 March
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26 Feb 15, 13:07

Chief judge at MLP London Bridge Speakers (3rd March)
by hanam
23 Feb 15, 14:06

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Author: malcolmw  Date: 01 Jun 12, 17:25  Views 3911
Description: The role and responsibilities of the Club Treasurer
Category: Toastmaster Officers  Type: Information


The Treasurer is responsible for the Club's receipt and disbursal of money.

Specific duties include:

* Prepare an annual budget, then ensure that the Club remains solvent throughout the year.

* Ensure new members pay the amount required upon joining.
To calculate the amount, see the 'New Member Payments' file at the bottom of this page.

* Ensure existing members pay their semi-annual renewals promptly.

* Register new members and renew existing members with WHQ, and make payments to WHQ on their behalf.
There is a step-by-step guide to doing this here.

* Make all valid Club payments (for the meeting room, Club website, expenses etc.).

* Make arrangements for at least one other member to monitor and audit the Club's finances and bank account.

* Give Financial Reports to the members.

* Ensure Club events are covered by insurance.

Training Aid (81 Kb)
Powerpoint presentation of the Treasurer role.

Standing Order form (28 Kb)
Example showing the payment of two semi-annual dues.
A Standing Order is submitted to the member's bank account - unlike a Direct Debit which is submitted to the Club's bank account.


Club Budget

Club Budget (74 Kb)

This spreadsheet shows the semi-annual subscription your club should charge to be financially viable.

Look across in row 23 to see at what point the figures change from negative to positive; this is the ‘break-even point’ where income exceeds expenditure. When you open the spreadsheet you will see that the example inputs result in a break-even point of 18 members - indicating that income from at least 18 members is needed to cover expenditure. You can change the inputs to suit your club as follows:

1. Enter the number of meetings your club has over 6 months in cell B7.

2. Enter:
- the semi-annual subscription your club charges per member in cell B12,
- the room hire amount per meeting in cell B19,
- the amount for any other expenses per meeting in B20 (all in local currency).

3. Enter the exchange rate in cell B26 – the amount that 1 US Dollar equals in local currency.

4. Enter the number of members that you would like ideally to be the break-even point in cell F11.

5. Keep changing the semi-annual subscription amount in B12 until the break-even point is at an acceptable number of members.

New Member Payments

New Member Payments (58 Kb)

This spreadsheet shows the amount to charge a new, dual or reinstated member upon joining.

1. Enter your Club's joining fee and semi-annual subscription amount in the two boxes at the top (in local currency).

2, The amount to charge a new member is shown in the 'Total' column of the 'TO CLUB' section (reading across from the month of joining).

3. The amount to charge a dual or reinstated member is shown in the 'Subs' column of the 'TO CLUB' section - assuming that the Club's Bylaws do not require them to pay a joining fee. If they want another New Member Kit the charge is the same as that for a new member.

4. The amount to be passed on to WHQ is shown in the ‘Total’ column of the ‘FORWARDED TO WHQ’ section (in US Dollars).

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